July 22, 2024 5:32 am
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What the Pie? Pennsylvania Delicacies All Throughout the State


Mohamed Bughrara 

If you’ve never been to the Keystone State or are planning a trip there soon, let us point you in the right direction for the greatest cuisines and culinary products the state has to offer. Here are some tasty delicacies popular in Pennsylvania:

Shoofly Pie

Another popular dish in Pennsylvania is shoofly pie. It is also a wonderful dessert created by the Amish. This delicious pie is created with molasses, brown sugar, eggs, butter, and flour. This pie has a similar texture to a coffee cake. Enjoy this delectable delight for dessert or brunch!

Pittsburgh Salad

Fun fact: most people in Pittsburgh, PA are unaware that this isn’t the way the entire world eats salad, which is what makes this dish so delicious. If you’ve never tasted a Pittsburgh salad, you really should! It’s similar to a standard salad, however it comes with French fries as a topping. The French fries have little nutritional benefit, but they do add a lot of taste and texture.Look at it as a healthy version of the poutine. 

Mushroom Strudel

Mushroom strudels are produced using a variety of mushrooms such as portabella mushroom, shiitake, and white mushrooms. Because Chester County, PA is home to about half of America’s mushroom fields, this mushroom strudel is a Pennsylvania classic. They’re simmered in a thick sauce with flavorful pork and cream cheese chunks. All of this is wrapped in phyllo and cooked until brown and delicious.

Whoopie Pie

A whoopie pie can be cooked in a variety of ways, but the classic whoopie pie consists of two soft chocolate rounds packed with a delicious creamy filling. Some individuals like to use red velvet, squash, or even biscuits for the chocolate rounds. This delicious delight is most well known to be prepared by the Amish people in Pennsylvania, these pies are pretty delicious folks!

Italian Hoagie

Often known as subs or grinders, the Italian hoagies are a delicious sandwich to enjoy when visiting Pennsylvania. They are also well-liked in Philadelphia, Pa. Capocollo, sausage, Genoa salami, and smoked provolone comprise an Italian hoagie. Onions, cucumbers, peppers, and a sprinkle of balsamic and olive oil are the most frequent toppings for an Italian hoagie. The fragrance of this sandwich will make your mouth wet.