July 25, 2024 2:53 pm
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What Pennsylvanians Can Expect From the Weather This November


Mohamed Bughrara 

Many people consider November to be the pinnacle of fall throughout much of the country, including Pennsylvania. However, it might seem like summer or winter at times.

For example, according to weatherspark.com, the average daily high temperature in the Harrisburg area drops by 11 degrees during the month of November, from 59 degrees to 47 degrees. Low temperatures fall by eight degrees, from 42 to 34 degrees, by the end of the month.

The state’s average rainfall is largely stable, with around three inches falling in November. Snowfall in the Midstate around November is uncommon but not unheard of. According to Weatherspark.com, the region received an average of 0.3 inches of rain on Nov. 1 and 2.8 inches by Nov. 30.

The following is a list of some of November’s extremes.

Maximum Temperature88 °FNov. 3., 1961Washington
Minimum Temperature-15 °FNov. 29, 1930Somerset
Maximum Precipitation13.93 inches1985Fayette
Minimum Precipitation0.12 inches1917Centre
Maximum Snowfall60.5 inches1933Erie

More information can be found on www.weatherspark.com