July 22, 2024 5:22 am
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Shapiro Busy Campaigning and Opening Offices Throughout Pennsylvania

Shapiro Twitter

Reinette LeJeune

Pennsylvania’s current Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Josh Shapiro has been busy making trips through Lackawanna, Luzerne, and Lehigh Counties over the last few months to not only open his new campaign offices in Scranton and Allentown, but also to state his case on why he should be the next governor of the commonwealth. “Folks are worried about safety. They’re worried about their kids’ mental health. They’re worried about being able to create jobs and grow the economy in their communities. They’re worried that these rights that we relied on for so long just feel like they’re being pulled away from us. I want you to know I understand that worry, I shoulder that. And I’m running for governor not just to try and win an election but to try to meet this mold,” said Shapiro.

Discussing his plans for stepping into office as governor, Shapiro pointed out the need to focus on combating overdose deaths and mental health struggles among the youth, placing mental health counselors in every school across the state, as well as discarding standardized testing and investing in vocational, technical, and computer training within curriculums. He expressed his commitment to expanding voting rights, and outlined his plans to improve the state’s economy. “We’re going to take advantage of our unique standing as an energy state,” he said. “I’ll be an all of the above energy governor who puts people to work and make sure we’re able to fulfill opportunities that exist in our communities and get people working again.”

He also restated his commitments to protect abortion rights within the state, saying, “In my view, families should have the freedom to decide how they want to have a family and when they want to have a family and on what terms they should have that family,” he said. “That’s your decision.”

Shapiro faces Republican Doug Mastriano in November’s race for governor.