July 25, 2024 2:55 pm
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Lehigh County Hosts 3rd Community Outreach Day Event

Credit: iStock

According to a county press release,

On Saturday, May 7, the Lehigh County’s Public Defenders office will hold its third Community Outreach Day event. 

The free event will provide a variety of outreach services for struggling residents which includes, but not limited to, free clothing, free groceries items, and suspended license consultations from a licensed attorney. 

Community Outreach Day will take place from 9AM-1PM at the 7th & Walnut Street parking lot in Allentown. Organizations from throughout the Lehigh Valley will be present to provide resources regarding housing assistance, career services, drug and alcohol recovery, COVID-19 vaccinations, education opportunities, and more. 

Created by Chief Public Defender Kimberly Makoul, Esq., the purpose of Community Outreach Day is to implement a true holistic defense model to Lehigh County’s client representation and to build a stronger presence in the community. Over 200 Lehigh County residents have benefited from Community Outreach Day since its first event on June 5th, 2021. 

This will be Lehigh County’s third Community Outreach Day with more events anticipated to be held later in the year. For more information on Community Outreach Day, please contact Travis Pezzuto at 610- 782-3750. 

To learn more about the Lehigh County Office of the Public Defender, please visit https://www.lehighcounty.org/Departments/Public-Defender.