July 25, 2024 2:11 pm
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City of Easton Partners with Citibot to Launch ‘Ask the Bugler’

Credit: iStock

According to a city press release,

The City of Easton today launched its new customer service platform, Ask the Bugler, as an accessible web chat assistant on the City’s website and as a text message feature. It was launched in partnership with Citibot, the leading provider of interactive chat solutions for local government.

With Ask the Bugler, residents can quickly and easily get answers to their questions, find information on various city services, submit service requests, and send a message to city staff. The platform was developed with the latest AI-driven chatbot technology, allowing the city to automate and scale its customer service efforts to help with the day-to-day needs of both staff and residents. Easton is the only city in the Lehigh Valley region to use this technology on its web site.

Ask the Bugler’s web chat service can be found on the city’s website (easton-pa.com) where both desktop and mobile users will notice the feature on the bottom right section of their browser window. Clicking on the icon launches a chat window, greeting residents and prompting them to enter their questions or service requests.

Another option is to start a conversation with Ask the Bugler by text message. City of Easton residents and visitors can text the word “Hello” to (877) 705-1752. Ask the Bugler immediately responds with a short greeting explaining the ways residents can use the service.

If at any time during the interaction a City of Easton resident needs assistance or help from City staff, Ask the Bugler can help them submit a message directly to staff and the appropriate staff representative can follow up with them during business hours.

Based in Charleston, SC, Citibot LLC was formed in 2016 with a mission of making cities and counties accessible for all. Bratton Riley, Citibot’s co-founder and CEO, was inspired by the evolution of the conversational chatbot and its ability to help governments be more accessible and accountable to every resident.

“People’s expectations of high-quality customer service are ever-increasing,” said Riley. “Cities like the City of Easton are leading the way by delivering powerful solutions to maximize efficiency and enhance access to information and vital services.”